Experience the Magic of Tidying

Marie Kondo, the founder of the KonMari Method®, created an effective way of tidying your entire home to make it beautiful and functional. You surround yourself with only what speaks to your heart and brings true value. A full Tidying Festival involves intentionally working through your items by category rather than by location. The categories include Clothes, Books, Paper, Komono (misc. items in the kitchen, bathroom, etc.), and finally Sentimental.

“Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order.” – Marie Kondo

the 6 basic rules of tidying
commit yourself to tidying up

Committing your time and energy to the process is the first step to making a difference in your space and your life.

imagine your ideal lifestyle

Think about the home you want to live in, what you want to be surrounded with, and how it can support you. Having a clear picture of your ideal lifestyle is key.

finish discarding first

Discarding with gratitude allows you to identify what actually brings you joy and leaves you with exactly what needs to be stored.

tidy by category, not by location

Tidying by category allows you to grasp the volume of what you own, assign items to a specific home and you avoid the constant cycle of tidying in separate rooms.

follow the right order

The order of categories (Clothes, Books, Papers, Kimono (misc.), and Sentimental is strategic. Moving through the process with this as your guide strengthens your decision-making skills while making your way to the entirety of what you own.

ask yourself if it sparks joy

Do you know that feeling when you hold something special in your hands and feel a sense of happiness? This is unique to you and that piece. This is the spark you should feel with all of your belongings because it supports you now and in the future.

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Photos courtesy of KonMari Media, Inc.